Our Consultancy Services

Fiduciary Investments

Cyan Consultancy offers independent skills and experience to assist fiduciary service providers (FSPs) in managing their fiduciary duties in the oversight of financial assets under their administration. Whilst the investment management and independent performance risk reporting on such assets may be delegated, the duty to govern and monitor are an absolute duty.

Company Secretarial Support

Cyan Consultancy offers highly skilled company secretarial professionals who have extensive experience across the financial services industry and can assist the board of directors in managing their company secretarial and associated reporting requirements.

Fiduciary Investment Duties

Investment oversight is an absolute duty of a trustee, and regulatory-themed visits often cite weaknesses in this area. A fresh review of this process by an independent professional will help to identify risks and solutions, including possible efficiencies and new revenue opportunities.

Investment Oversight/Risk Committees

We can join, and if required chair, the investment oversight committee to further strengthen this aspect of a fiduciary business. We focus on leveraging this activity to improve your teams’ engagement with their clients to ensure your business is perceived as their trusted adviser.

Investment Suitability

As a fiduciary knows, investing is never about one individual, but multiple beneficiaries and factors. Cyan Consultancy provides the skills and experience to define and leverage suitability through a fiduciary lens, for the benefit of your business and your clients. We can tailor Investment Policy Statements and provide guidance to reduce fiduciary risk and improve client engagement.

Manager Selection

Fiduciaries often deal with a multitude of investment managers, resulting in increased costs which they may struggle to recover. Cyan Consultancy will enable you to have a clear process around future manager selection that will focus on time-spent recovery for value added work and, in turn, leverage referral opportunities from Asset/Wealth Managers.

Fiduciary investment education

Whilst a fiduciary is not expected to be a subject matter expert, they need to know the appropriate questions to ask of their appointed investment professionals. Cyan Consultancy will run workshops to help you maintain best practice on new processes or technical areas to ensure your governance model is well defined and robust. Investing in improving your staff’s knowledge will not only enhance client experience, but will also support your ability to recruit, grow and retain.

Family office services

Family offices often look to build their own investment team, but this may involve multiple trustees and underlying structures. Whilst the family maybe very comfortable with the returns, risk, and process, we have experience of being utilised to undertake and present independent governance reviews.

These health checks with agnostic views can add value to the family who, like their investment team, may be too close to identify possible weaknesses and opportunities.

Company secretarial support

The role of company secretary is critical to good corporate governance, ensuring the company is compliant with companies legislation and regulation, as well as its memorandum and articles. Cyan can support a Registered Person to evolve and enhance their existing corporate governance processes in their day-to-day administration of corporate entities, providing a consistent approach and best practice.

This will both enhance client service and reduce business risk. We provide a solution to assist with project-based work, cover staff shortages, training, or other support needs.