Our Regulatory Services

Cyan Regulatory offers a range of services designed to assist firms and their senior management in complying with relevant legal and regulatory requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service, working with them to understand their needs and provide effective and practical solutions.

Compliance Support

It is not unusual for financial services businesses to experience a turnover of compliance personnel, which leaves them with temporary resourcing issues pending the arrival of permanent replacements.

Whilst Cyan cannot undertake Key Person roles, we are often asked to support businesses on both a part-time or full-time basis.


Cyan is regularly requested to provide assistance to businesses on AML/CFT matters. We can help with the following:

Board Effectiveness, Remediation and Client Reviews

Businesses are increasingly seeking independent assessment of their compliance with regulatory requirements as the consequences of getting it wrong become more severe. We have recent experience in conducting:

Policies, Procedures & Key Documents

It can take a surprising amount of time to produce and maintain comprehensive and tailored governance documents for a business.

We have taken great care to ensure documents are operational and effective when we have assisted with:

Technical Assistance & Advisory

The team at Cyan have significant and wide-ranging experience and knowledge of Jersey financial services regulation, having undertaken senior compliance and risk roles in industry as well as working for the regulator in both Supervision and Enforcement. We welcome all questions and enquiries, regardless of their nature and complexity and are happy to provide our initial views on a matter, free of charge.

Tailored Training

We are often asked to provide training on a wide range of matters. We like to tailor our training to the specific audience and type of business and welcome all requests for bespoke training. We have recently provided training on: