Cyan Regulatory Services

Chris Cooke

Director & Co-founder

Looking back, Chris is able to identify three quite separate and distinguishable chapters to his career.

Starting in 1975, Chris gained experience in a variety of roles across different sectors in both large and small businesses. His time in the private sector proved invaluable for the next chapter when, in 1998, Chris joined the newly formed JFSC. Chris recalls this was such a dynamic and stimulating period. Suffice to say, he considers it a privilege to have played a part in shaping the regulatory framework for the island in the formative years of the JFSC.

From 1998 to 2012, Chris became a highly skilled and respected senior officer at the JFSC building a reputation for his professionalism and pragmatism. “Whilst the theory of regulation and supervision is straightforward, it takes many years to learn the art.”

The third and arguably the most exciting part of Chris’s career commenced, when in 2014, he and fellow regulator, Nicola Crowell, decided upon establishing Cyan; this followed a brief period of providing freelance consultancy services in a personal capacity. Chris has always warmed to the notion of harnessing knowledge in order to help others. Cyan has proved the ideal platform to achieve this goal.

Chris is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.