Cyan Regulatory Services

Philip Baker


Philip is a director of Cyan and has over 35 years’ experience in financial services. Prior to joining Cyan in 2016, Philip had undertaken a number of senior risk and compliance roles across the regulated sector in Jersey, including as head of compliance at an international bank and at a large fund administration firm.
The introduction of the Jersey regulation of trust company businesses in 2000 marked the commencement of Philip’s career in regulatory compliance, and he also built up experience and knowledge of the AML/CFT regulatory framework as well as the banking and investment business sectors.

In 2007, Philip moved to a large international fund administration business, where he headed up the compliance function, focusing on funds regulatory matters and providing support to the business and its regulated clients. Philip subsequently expanded his experience by moving into the Enterprise Risk Management function of the business, co-ordinating risk management activities across its European operations.

Since joining Cyan, Philip has undertaken a number of varied and interesting assignments, including the provision of onsite compliance support to businesses during times of staff shortage, assistance with a cross border marketing initiative, as well as undertaking board effectiveness reviews designed to meet the new 2018 Code of Practice requirement.

“I attach a great deal of importance to understanding our clients’ requirements and priorities”, Philip said. “This allows us to provide quality and cost effective assistance and support which fully meets their objectives”.

Philip has a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Services and has also been awarded the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management and the ICA Compliance diploma.